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"The retreat with Dr. Samuel was way beyond imagination and expectations.

With a lot of compassion and patience, Dr. Samuel took me through the steps, guiding me on what to expect at each stage. The whole ceremony was breathtaking. I met that version of me that I had been longing to meet for lifetimes and lifetimes, that me which has no beginning, no end, the eternal primal truth, which is formless-shapeless -nameless .


Oneness met oneness itself. I went through a series of experiences through different realms, and my physical body was very aware of what was happening. Even after the ceremony was complete, the sound current continued to vibrate at a deeper level.


As I write, I am smiling because I met my soul within this lifetime and can do so multiple times now. Dr. Samuel very graciously shared his daily practice. The integration session was equally powerful. The soul begins to live, love, and laugh through your physical body. Isn’t that amazing? 

I highly recommend these sessions. They are truly transformative."

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