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Would you like to connect directly to your “soul” and audio record it?

Would you like to potentially heal a lifetime of trauma in 4 hours?

Would you like to answer the 3 questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I here to do?

Would you like a cosmic DNA/mission upgrade for service to humanity?

If so, I would like to invite you to experience The Heart Protocol. It is a 3-6 hour ceremonial experience that consistently and safely quiets the mind, opens the heart, and connects you to what quantum morphogenetic physics calls your “soul” frequencies or superconscious mind.

This part of you is the safest, wisest, and most unconditionally loving part of you. It cannot hurt you. This part of you also knows who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. It also understands if there is anything you are ready to heal and if you are ready to receive this healing.

Anytime you take a trip, especially in the invisible world you want to know:

Where am I going?
To connect you directly to your soul/oversoul/inner Christos frequencies/higher Self. (What quantum morphogenetic physics calls your 4-12th stranded DNA also known as your soul frequencies).

How am I going to get there?
Utilizing 3-4 plant-based but Western formulations of medicine that work on GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Glutamate. A precise formulation of medicines will be given to quiet the mind, open the heart, then quiet down the rear default mode network some call the ego. The medicine utilized has been tested and is pure. Once the default mode network is quiet and your heart is oscillating into a multi-dimensional frequency you will have a 3-6 hour window to connect with not to a plant, but to your own soul.

How long will I be there?
3-6 hours usually. During the ceremony you will have an eye mask on, lying down, listening to a ceremonial playlist, and be recording your own voice as you narrate into your phone recorder whatever it is your higher Self decides to share with you. Your higher Self will be sending you frequencies, which your lower self can voice record into your phone. Some say it is the safest they have ever felt in their life. After the ceremony you will now have a 3-6 hour multidimensional soul transcript recorded on your phone if you decide to speak. You will then have an integration session where tips and recommendations will be shared on how to type out your transcript, and create a soul action plan based on whatever it is your higher Self decided to share with you.

How safe is it?
Very safe. In 4+ years facilitating this protocol, every single person/soul has returned safely. This is not an accident. The ceremony is designed to oscillate past the lower fourth astral world into the higher dimensions prior to beginning the ceremony. Dr. Lee only works with eternal life benevolent beings who are 12th Dimension or above. There will also be eternal life protection around each person who decides to journey to ensure a safe, sacred ceremony.

Your Ceremony will be facilitated by:


  • Board Certified Psychiatrist and Neurologist

  • Founder, Transcendence Mental Health

  • Founder, Practical Peptides

  • Four Worlds International Institute Medical Director

  • Quantum Morphogenetic Physicist

  • Spiritual Medicine Facilitator

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Breath Work Facilitator

For this trip, we are offering Individual 1:1 Concierge Ceremonies, Couples Ceremonies, or Small Groups of 4-6.

If you feel called to experience The Heart Protocol, please sign up below. Your spot will be secured as soon as the donation is made on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Investment in Your Journey - Special Ibiza Pricing

The donation tiers for your Heart Protocol ceremony are:

€777 | €1212 | €1500
If the donation tiers are beyond your current means, please contact Nicole directly (+1 435-830-4374). No one will be turned away.

This includes:

  • Heart Protocol Ceremony with Dr. Samuel Lee

  • Post-ceremony supplement support

  • Same-day integration session with Dr. Lee

If you feel called to make a direct contribution to a scholarship fund for souls who feel called to journey but can not afford it here is the link.  100% of all donations will be used to fund scholarships for ceremonies.  These donations are 100% tax deductible in the USA.  

Retreat schedule:

Day of Arrival:
Please fast in the morning - only liquids.
10:30 AM - Check-in and Take Precursors
12:00 AM - Begin Heart Protocol Ceremony
16:00-19:00 PM - Soft Landing, Free Time, and Integration

21:00 PM - Departure

We have transportation available for your return journey following your Ceremony.


"I heard through the grapevine that someone facilitated the most incredible ceremony for friends of mine (that are very experienced in that realm). I’m not someone who regularly joins ceremonies; it must’ve been 7 years prior for me then that I did. I never really feel a calling, but the legendary talk that was going around did spark my interest.

The next day, Samuel appeared in my life because he had a message for me from his friend, a Dakota Chief that I had a beautiful connection with. When we spoke for a bit, I figured out that Samuel was the facilitator of the ceremony everyone was talking about, and on top of that, he would be in Europe on the island where I live, exactly a week from then.

Everything in me felt the calling to sit in ceremony with him. The magnitude of his character, the conversations we had about it. He really got me to a place of trust, as I shared throughout that I’m not someone that very easily sits in just any ceremony. I remember someone telling me after having experienced Samuel’s: “it connected me straight to Source, a place of stillness that is beyond trauma, beyond pain, beyond addiction. Where I could meet my True Self and saw clearly my mission in Life”.

Well, well, well… if that doesn’t make you wonder… In an intimate setting, we did the ceremony right before a very important chapter in my life was about to start. All I can say is that Samuel made me feel very safe and comfortable to explore the realms of my higher consciousness.


While I was deeply in my journey, I felt his presence around me in case I needed assistance. It did get overwhelming once, and he was there directly, like he felt it. All my friend said was true. You connect directly to Source. And just having had that connection for a few hours made me see the Divine and Unity in everything, in all the little details.


Even writing this down, something that is almost impossible to express in words, sets my heart on fire again. I met with God that day, and now he is ever present in my reality.

It was truly an incredibly strong and authentic ceremony, one that lasts in your consciousness forever.

Thank you, Samuel, for your beautiful mission here in this world. For opening my eyes so peacefully. For the day that you appeared in my life back then. Gratitude. Humility. Peace, brother."


"The retreat with Dr. Samuel was way beyond imagination and expectations. When I was approached, I went back and forth asking a gazillion questions, wanting to know every detail. 

Dr. Samuel, with a lot of compassion and patience, took us through the steps, guiding us on what to expect at each stage. The whole ceremony was breathtaking. I met that version of me that I had been longing to meet for lifetimes and lifetimes, that me which has no beginning, no end, the eternal primal truth, which is formless-shapeless-nameless. Oneness met oneness itself. I went through a series of experiences through different realms, and my physical body was very aware of what was happening.

Even after the ceremony was complete, the sound current continued to vibrate at a deeper level. As I am writing, I am smiling because I met my soul within this lifetime and can do so multiple times now on. Dr. Samuel very graciously shared his daily practice. The integration session was equally powerful. The soul begins to live, love, laugh through your physical body. Isn't that amazing?

I highly recommend these sessions. They are truly transformative."


"Absolutely the best thing my wife and I have ever done!  My wife and I have been together for 24 years and we did 3 years of couples therapy/counseling. 


Six months ago I felt we were both not happy and not setting a good example for our 3 kids and decided to get a divorce.  After being away from my family I knew that something was “off” and I wanted to put the family back together but didn’t know how. 


My wife and I decided to do a journey together and what an experience.  We both had created some thick walls between us.  The journey brought us back together in a way that is indescribable. 


The love we now feel for each other is beyond imagination.  We are a different couple today after the heart journey.  We are LOVE. 


We are TILL DEATH DO US PART.  The heart journey put our family back together and I can’t thank Dr. Samual Lee enough for what he has done for our family."

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