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Hi, I’m Dr. Samuel Lee, and I’m super excited to share this eternal life wisdom with you. To me this wisdom is more precious than 100 Billion dollars. It is the precious pearl Jesus spoke about it in the parable the man who found it sold everything he had for the precious pearl. This is the Wisdom of how to activate your 12 stranded DNA, your Avatar/Inner Christos, which will heal you, empower you, integrate and consecrate your ego into your mission, make you a manifestation and materialization machine (the higher your frequency, the quicker things will materialize on the physical) and it is your ticket out of the cycle of reincarnation. There are only 2 ways back to Source, and this is the quickest way to embody your process of Higher Identity and return to Source as Source wholeness. Is it easy? No. But if you found this Wisdom you’re here for a reason and this is the Eternal Life Path. With intention and consistent practice, these sacred sounds and symbols will communicate with your Potential DNA and release unto you the potential for Eternal Life. But don’t believe a word I say. Try it for 30 days and see what happens.

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