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About The Heart Medicine Protocol

Clarogenix Medicines are opening up an entirely new state of consciousness from what our Human Family has identified to date; different from psychedelic states and from "normal" baseline and dream states. Integrating cutting-edge, systemic, functional Western Science and Indigenous Science and Spiritually.

Clarogenix Medicines, in a specific combination of experiential and spiritual contexts, create an experience where the various aspects of the ego and "learned selves" are split and able to dialogue directly and clearly with each other.


This includes the "Soul," what appears to be the "Pure" or Highest self (i.e., the self uninfluenced by learning frameworks and belief systems hard-wired into the current operating personality over time)- speaking clearly and directly out loud-sometimes dialogue with the other learned or "ego selves,” from a state of pure observation and wisdom.

This allows the individual to access and speak as the various forms of “Self” in ways that will enable areas of internal conflict and contradictions to be healed; as well as deep and sometimes very important knowings (truths) buried within the matrix of the mind, body, and spirit; which the ego may not yet be willing or able to address on its own.

Clarogenix vs Psychedelics

Comparison Example:

Psychedelics are to the clarogenix state as dreaming is to lucid dreaming. i.e., When dreaming, one is "part of the dream" and not able to easily navigate, recall or narrate with awareness— while in lucid dreaming, one can experience, navigate and describe a completely different experience of reality with complete lucidity and from a refined awareness not subject to the default ego or waking selves (a.k.a.: The soul).


(This may be a good metaphor for people to explain the difference before an experience. (Ref: Dr. Stephen LaBerge's work, who was the first person to quantify and prove the experience of lucid dreaming at Stanford in 1980.)

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